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WDP Log‑E Hub Pommerenstraat Zwolle , Overijssel Nederland

The next step in future-proof logistics

Prepare your business for tomorrow’s market with a smart energy hub that puts you on track for the future. Combine efficiency with a robust green energy network.

Create one of the most sustainable developments in the Netherlands with us in a much sought-after location tailored to your specific needs. This distribution centre is packed with technological innovations that put you ahead of the game.

WDP Log‑E Hub: a new standard in sustainable logistics

WDP’s latest development transcends the limitations of a classic warehouse environment, combining green energy production with a reliable, overarching energy infrastructure.

This built-to-suit development gives your company vital energy, technology, and productivity advantages.

  • Innovative green energy hub with charging infrastructure for E‑trucks
  • Tailored to your needs from day one
  • Excellent location and accessibility
  • Perfect balance between operations, sustainability, and eco-friendliness

The right answer to crucial challenges

The logistics industry faces multiple challenges. The green energy transition requires a solid infrastructure and a visionary approach. Available land is scarce, and sustainability requirements are getting stricter.

WDP Log‑E Hub offers exceptional opportunities across the board. This project is a comprehensive take on what the logistics hub of the future should look like and combines ecological landscaping with green technology, environmentally-friendly design, and operational efficiency.

The energy architecture of tomorrow

This development is more than just an excellent logistic base of operations for your business. It’s an innovative e‑hub that ensures your company’s ready for the energy transition coming our way:

  • Energy production: 60,000 m² of solar panels
  • Energy storage: a combination of smart buffering, congestion management and batteries
  • Energy management: central monitoring and management system
  • E‑parking hub: extensive charging network for electric vehicles
  • E‑hub: charging infrastructure for electrical trucks

Outstanding location and accessibility

WDP Log‑E Hub is built in Zwolle as part of the Hessenpoort site. Your future warehouse is constructed on a 110,000 m² large plot, which can harbour up to 3 distribution centres. Do you want to develop the property partially or realise the entire project? The choice is yours: consult your WDP contact and discuss your expectations with us.

This development is located alongside important European logistics axes. You can easily tap into the Netherlands’ high-quality road, railway, and waterway network.

The city of Zwolle goes to great lengths to attract businesses willing to help develop the region. The government invests heavily in infrastructure, and the business-friendly climate offers significant fiscal advantages compared to neighbouring countries.

Contact us for additional information

Your business deserves a future-proof operation base that moves beyond a traditional warehouse’s limitations. Prepare your infrastructure for tomorrow’s energy challenges today.

Discover more about the specifications, location, energy infrastructure and advantages of WDP Log‑E Hub. Contact us; we’re happy to discuss your logistic company’s sustainable future.

Building parts in this project3

Warehouse 224,000 m2
Warehouse 324,000 m2
Warehouse 120,000 m2

Rentable Units1

Units are packaged combinations of the building parts


Pommerenstraat 1 , 8028 NA Zwolle, Netherlands
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