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WDP aims to achieve balanced growth within a context of transparent and fair governance. In doing so, we offer answers to economic, social, and environmental needs. This makes us a reliable partner for all our stakeholders and leads to sound financial metrics and attractive, recurring returns. #sustainablegrowth


Within the 2022 – 25 growth plan, WDP aspires to achieve a profit target of EPRA earnings per share of 1.50 euros by 2025 – an annual increase of +8%. The dividend per share is expected to evolve synchronously towards 1.20 euros in 2025.


EPRA Earnings 
per share (+13%y/y)


Dividend per share (+14%y/y)


Occupancy rate


Net debt / EBITDA

Scope 1

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Scope 2

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Scope 3

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* This climate material footprint calculation includes the upstream greenhouse gas emissions from mining of raw material, processing of the material and transport to the gate of the construction site (cradle-to-gate), in accordance with the methodology of the GHP Protocol.
** This climate energy footprint includes the energy consumption in warehouses by our clients, in accordance with the methodology of the GHG Protocol.

The green path to follow

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We want to future-proof our property portfolio and energy infrastructure, while taking into account climate change and the objectives of the EU Green Deal.

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We’re dedicated to driving progress in biodiversity preservation, circular building practices, and responsible use of rare earth materials. Through rigorous research, pilot projects, and incremental advancements, we’re steadily forging a path toward a more sustainable future.

Read more about this value pillar in our Annual Report

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