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A story of ambition, entrepreneurship, and visionary boldness.

History of WDP

A strong and long track record forms the foundation for attractive earnings per share growth. All thanks to our pure player focus, customer-oriented approach, ambitious growth plans and capital discipline.

This is the history of WDP. An overview of how it all started, how we grew out to become the company we are today, and how that unique WDP DNA will guide us on our way towards future success.

1977 1999 Azijnbrouwerij Merchtem

Foundation of Rederij De Pauw, the company that manages Jos De Pauw’s property portfolio

  • The family-owned group initially limited its activities to a vinegar brewery. Later, it would diversify to include, among others, sand mining and inland shipping.
  • Jos De Pauw noted the value and potential of older industrial buildings that could be refurbished into modern logistics warehouses — the foundation of today’s WDP.
1999 Beurs Brussel IPO min


WDP goes public with a property portfolio of 100 million euros

2008 2 1mio min
2006-09 Growth plan

Target: Doubling of portfolio value

  • 2008 1 million m² of rentable property in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Romania. Solar panel project launch (30 MWp).
  • 2010 First BREEAM warehouse in the Netherlands. WDP Nederland given FBI status.
2012 Lake Side Portfolio min
2011 – 13 Growth plan

Target: Growth through leasing, acquisitions and sustainability

  • 2012 Portfolio of 1 billion euros.
  • 2014 GVV/SIR status.
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2013 – 16 Growth plan

Target: +50% portfolio growth and +20 to 25% EPS increase (cumulative)

  • 2015 WDP shares also listed on Euronext Amsterdam.
  • 2016 Luxembourg as a new core market.
2017 Ovh J 0
2016 – 20 Growth plan

Target +1 billion euros portfolio growth and +25% EPS increase (cumulative)

  • 2017 WDP named Entrepreneur of the Year® 2017.
  • 2018 Issuing of first Green USPP as the first Belgian company and GVV/SIR.
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2019 – 23 Growth plan

Target: +10% p.a. portfolio growth and +6% p.a. EPS increase

  • 2019 WDP is included in BEL 20. Regional expansion to Germany. First ABB via a GVV/SIR. Implementation of 2019 – 23 ESG Roadmap.
  • 2020 The entire property portfolio has an energy monitoring system and one-third has solar panels.
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2022 – 25 Growth plan | External Growth+

Target: +8% p.a. EPS increase

  • 2021 Inclusion in DJSI Europe. Launch of WDP Climate Action Plan.
  • 2022 Inclusion in DJSI World and DJSI Europe. First-time issuer credit rating from Fitch (BBB+) and Moody’s (Baa1) with a stable outlook. WDP ENERGY out of the starting blocks. Strategic partnership with Swedish real estate group Catena.
  • 2023 300 mio euros ABB and historically strong and liquid balance sheet: the foundation for the future. Completion of multilayer warehouse and first Green Mobility Hub.
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2022 – 27 Growth plan #BLEND2027

Target: +6% p.a. EPS increase by blending different drivers