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MyWDP: Easy, smart and connected

100% digital and 100% personal, ensuring your company runs even more efficiently.

All the valuable insights you need, at the touch of a button!

Creating customer value through innovation, that’s what WDP is all about. From now on, we’ll make it possible for our customers to work even more efficiently, with better and faster communication with their dedicated WDP contact.

Customers can enjoy valuable insights, crucial statistics and a general overview of all their assets, through MyWDP. Our fully digital client portal provides all the information they need to get the most out of their warehouse or distribution centre.

Retrieving all the relevant data and accessing vital centralised information on their buildings, such as contracts, invoices and documents is now only a click away. Turning real-time data about energy consumption into tangible strategies to make their business more sustainable – and profitable. Reporting problems in the blink of an eye, and reaching out to the right WDP contact to discuss client’s needs – anywhere, anytime…

It’s a whole new level of client delight, fully online and all in one clear-cut, crisp and intuitive design.

MyWDP is the smart connection between our valued customers and #TeamWDP. It’s the one-stop-shop for issue reporting and resolution, turning real-time data into insights, and providing all relevant information on clients’ warehouses – all at the touch of a button. A fully digital client portal where unmatched convenience meets business functionality.

Experience a whole new level of client delight


Report issues, access relevant data and documents, gain valuable insights into your warehouse(s) through a user-centric interface with intuitive design.


Get the most out of your data analytics and transform them into successful business improvement strategies. Go green, by monitoring your energy consumption non-stop.


Reach out to the right dedicated WDP contact, whenever and wherever. Communicate swiftly, and follow up on any reported issues in real-time.

MyWDP provides user-friendly access to:

All information regarding your warehouse(s);

  • Current and past invoices, contracts and additional documents;
  • Real-time insights into your energy consumption;
  • A handy tool for reporting and following-up on issues and problems; and
  • A clear-cut communication platform with unfettered access to the right WDP contacts.

In short, reap the benefits of a comprehensive overview of all your buildings, with all the data you need, crystallized into one easy-to-use application.

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