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Standard warehouse

Standard WDP warehouse, built for the future.

A distinctive and sustainable warehouse

The starting point of every WDP development is our standard programme. Our standard warehouse features all distinctive characteristics of a WDP building. Sustainable in all respects. For the long term. With a view to your and our future.

By definition, it meets BREEAM IN USE VERY GOOD*** guidelines. Thanks to the installation of solar panels and an energy monitoring system, we keep energy costs down. Moreover, as a customer, you have a clear view of your energy consumption at all times.

A standard WDP building can of course be further tailored to your specific needs and requirements. There are endless possibilities to realise the warehouse of your dreams.

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Take our virtual tour

With WDP Xplore you can see for yourself how a standard WDP warehouse looks likes. Discover the complete technical picture, including the materials used. Find out all about the extra options available to fully tailor the standard package according to your needs and expectations.

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Read everything about it in our brochure

This brochure provides a complete overview of a standard WDP building, including the materials used. It also offers an insight into the optional elements that can be selected in addition to the standard package, to ensure the building perfectly meets your needs and expectations.

Download our brochure

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