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Your warehouse at the front of your energy transition.


EV charging stations

Custom on-site EV charging, covering design, installation, and management for fleet sustainability.

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Your warehouse as the energy plant of the future

As the need for reliable and affordable green energy grows, WDP opts for a visionary approach. Since warehouses are a key link in every supply chain, we want to maximise their contribution to a sustainable logistics industry. Want to be a part of this mission?

From rooftop solar parks to on-site EV charging facilities: we are fully committed to the transition to green energy and want to offer WDP clients new and affordable ways to benefit from it. We select the most appropriate high-quality technologies and materials and take care of on-site infrastructure, installation and follow-up. Minimum fuss, maximum efficiency.

And as the energy market continues to evolve, you can count on our commitment to keeping you up to speed with robust, agile and forward-thinking solutions.

BigBox Evergem

Renewable energy

Energy from renewable sources is key on the road to net-zero operations. We want to transform warehouses into the energy plants of the future by placing massive solar installations on their roofs. You can also opt for renewable heating and cooling with heat pump installations.

Energy storage

Large-scale, high-performance battery systems help you get the most out of your renewable energy. We are currently exploring ways to integrate these systems into the energy architecture of our warehouses.

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