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Climate Action Plan

Our Climate Action Plan targets a transition to a low-carbon society, creating a win-win for all stakeholders.

M.A.D.E. for future

The objective of this climate action plan, is clearly linked to WDP’s activities, namely Material use, Adaptation, Decarbonisation and Electrification and is the basis for the roll-out of three tracks, each with clear, ambitious and transparent objectives. WDP is proud to have set a science-based target (scope 1 and 2), positioning us as corporate leaders of the low-carbon transition.

We aim to be at the forefront of the global combat against climate change by becoming net-zero across our entire value chain”

Joost Uwents, CEO WDP


Energy efficiency and the prodcution of renewable energy


WDP Electricity procurement green(1)


2023: 100%


Coverage energy monitoring system(2)

Ambition 2025

2023: 85%

350 MWp

Renewable energy capacity

Ambition 2027

2023: 182 MWp


LED lighting in our entire portfolio(2)

Ambition 2030

2023: 69%
  1. This is the electricity purchased by WDP and consumed by the customer. We proactively encourage our clients to make more green energy purchases.
  2. For relevant properties.

Solar Capacity


Reducing our environmental footprint

Objectives in terms of CO2 reduction


Scope 1 and 2 corporate offices

Ambition 2025


Scope 1 and 2 car park

Ambition 2030


Scope 3 leased assets (downstream)

Ambition 2040


Scope 3 capital goods (upstream)

Ambition 2050

WDP climate footprint

WDP value chain emissions | >99%

* This climate material footprint calculation includes the upstream greenhouse gas emissions from mining of raw material, processing of the material and transport to the gate of the construction site (cradle-to-gate), in accordance with the methodology of the GHG Protocol.
** This climate energy footprint includes the energy consumption in warehouses by our clients, in accordance with the methodology of the GHG Protocol. Extrapolated value to a coverage of 100% based on EPRA Total GHG (market-based).

WDP corporate emissions | <1%


At WDP, we acknowledge the vital role we play in protecting and enhancing biodiversity through our property development, management, and operations.

Biodiversity and deforestation policy


A sustainable and futureproof WDP

Green financing and green-certified warehouses


Adoption of TCFD recommendations

Ambition 2024

2023: included in track CSRD


Green financing


2023: 83%


Tackling climate change requires ambitious action. Our science-based target proves our commitment to building a sustainable economy, by doing not what is easy but what is necessary.

The net-zero targets within the WDP Climate Action Plan were defined in line with these Science-Based Targets and as such are validated and approved by the SBTi(1).

1. In this validation procedure — valid at the time of notification by WDP in April 2022 — SBTi considers WDP to be a small or medium-sized enterprise (<500 employees). So, initially, only our scopes 1 and 2 near-term targets were validated. A commitment is requested regarding the measuring and reducing of scope 3 emissions. The Climate Action Plan also includes a net zero target for scope 3, which is also defined in line with these Science Based Targets.

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