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Sale & lease back

Discover the untapped potential of your real estate.

Striking the perfect balance

Every company searches for the optimum balance between growth and security, ambition and safety. You want to keep investing with a strong focus on your long-term strategy, all while keeping your liquidity position healthy. The key to maintaining this balance? A Sale & Lease Back operation of your logistics real estate.

What is Sale and Lease Back?

With a Sale & Lease Back operation, you tap into the capital of your real estate. As a real estate owner, you have a considerable financial reserve in the form of land and properties. With Sale & Lease Back provided by WDP, you release the capital of your property, for you to invest profitably in the strategic ambitions of your company. In the meantime, you ensure operational continuity.

WDP’s experts take care of the management, expansion or renovation of your real estate portfolio. You have a reliable, experienced partner to keep your commercial property in top condition – always tailored to your business strategy, of course.

Sligro Breda

How does Sale and Lease Back work?

  • You sell your logistic real estate to WDP, maximizing your financial resources.
  • You rent back the property for an agreed time and period. We base the price on the term and rental value.

This gives you quick and easy access to the resources you need to invest in your core business and to pursue your growth strategy. You remain fully committed to healthy business operations and an optimal balance.

A smart strategic decision with considerable benefits

Core business

You focus on your core business.


More possibilities to invest.

Business strategy

More financial breathing space for your business strategy.


More cash for healthy growth.


You can use the released capital for other purposes.

Balance sheet

An improved liquidity position and balance sheet.

Find out all about Sale & Lease Back of your logistics real estate.

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