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Frozen & cooled

Your goods, stored at the right temperature. Reliably. Efficiently. Always.

Cold storage, zero worries

A meticulously controlled frozen or cooled warehouse equals peace of mind. Reliable freezers, cold rooms and ambient zones guarantee that your goods are stored and handled at the prescribed temperatures. WDP designs and builds hygienic temperature-controlled distribution centres that fully support your operations.

Reliable and energy-efficient cooling in your warehouse

You demand top-of-the-range cooling technology to meet the rigorous product and safety requirements of your supply chain. That’s exactly what we provide. To top it off, we factor in energy-efficiency as well. Our architects and technicians prioritise this aspect from the project conceptualization phase, so your warehouse is sure to be equipped with efficient cooling solutions that keep your energy costs as low as possible. 

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How we make your temperature-controlled warehouse energy-efficient

Loss of energy and skyrocketing energy bills are a shot in the foot when it comes to trimming operating costs. Insulation, then, is of crucial importance in maintaining low or sub-zero temperatures inside your refrigerated distribution centre. That’s why we pay a great deal of attention to airtight insulation from the first design onwards.

In addition, we offer a wide range of renewable energy solutions – from heating pumps to solar panels – that allow you to generate your power on-site. And through our innovative WDP Smart Energy Tool, you stay on top of your energy consumption at all times.

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