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Reliable storage and risk management for pharmaceuticals.

Compliant facilities for pharmaceuticals

Logistics chains for pharmaceutical and healthcare products need to meet the highest security and quality standards. A carefully designed distribution centre is essential in all of this. WDP creates your warehouse spaces following GDP standards, so that you operate in a compliant way.

What does GDP mean?

The Good Distribution Practices (GDP) provide the approved quality system for the storage and distribution of healthcare products. GDP certified distribution centres ensure that:

Proper storage conditions

Equippement for risk management

A secure supply chain

Compliance with EU laws

Error tracking

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What standards should your GDP certified warehouse meet?

The list of control features that your GDP certified warehouse needs to meet is quite extensive.

  • Clean, dry spaces that are easy to clean, with sufficient light
  • Temperature control, security and sign-in
  • Storage in marked, separate (and separately climate-controlled) spaces
  • Access control, sign-in and burglary protection
  • Suitable spaces to store hazardous substances, with the associated security features
  • Physical barriers between loading docks, unloading docks and storage
  • Features to control insects and rodents

Rest assured: WDP ensures compliance down to the finest detail.

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GDP compliant warehouses? It’s easy with WDP.

Are you looking to grow your healthcare or pharmaceuticals business with a GDP warehouse? At WDP, we support you with our proactive approach. You can count on us for permanent as well as temporary solutions that meet every applicable standard. Your building wil be completely in line with your operational requirements: robustly built and equipped with all the necessary installations and technical amenities to ensure safety and efficiency at all times. And best of all? You don’t have to worry about even the slightest detail — that’s up to us.

Looking for a GDP compliant warehouse? Contact us.

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