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Streamline your supply chain: reduce storage time, boost efficiency and accelerate your operations.

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Minimum costs, maximum efficiency

With a cross-dock warehouse, you dispatch shipments to your customers right after they’ve been unloaded by your supplier. This drastically reduces storage and inventory. As such, you minimise warehousing costs and maximise efficiency. The logistics process is significantly shortened while attendant costs are kept at a minimum.

Cross-dock warehouses are an excellent choice for companies that

Use a multimodal logistics approach

Sort consignments intended for different destinations

Collate consignments from different suppliers for a single destination

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This allows you to boost the profitability of your supply chain on multiple fronts:

The advantages of a cross-dock warehouse

WDP builds the cross-dock warehouse that fully meets your operational requirements, no matter your industry. Our architects deliver highly efficient distribution centres that optimise your logistics strategy.

Increase client satisfaction through quicker operations

Reduce inventory holding costs by shortening storage times

Decrease the risks associated with inventory handling

Reduce warehousing costs by avoiding dependence on large warehouses

Save on delivery costs by shipping out products in a single shipment

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