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Brownfield redevelopment

Scarce open space: challenges for logistics real estate.

Prime strategic locations

Prime strategic locations for logistics real estate are increasingly hard to find. Stricter building regulations, scarcity on the greenfield market, legal requirements to preserve open space near cities: these are just some of the challenges your company faces today. Still, you can’t let these get into the way of realising your ambitions.

With brownfield redevelopment, WDP provides the right answer. There’s no need to compromise when you redevelop existing plots and buildings. You get superior real estate for your logistics at strategically located sites — and preserve valuable green space.

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Brownfield redevelopment with WDP

As your one-stop-shop partner for logistics real estate, we are ready to give your site a new lease on life. With all the right knowhow in place, a dedicated project management team, and a tight organizational approach, you can rest assured that your brownfield redevelopment project will be a breeze.

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I want a new life for my plot

Want to give your industrial plot a new lease on life, sell your piece of land or redevelop your site with a financially stable, experienced partner that has an extensive international network? Let’s get in touch and discuss your plans.

Redevelop my plot
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I want a warehouse at a premium location

Do you want to expand your business or bolster your logistics strategy? Don’t compromise on location, design or efficiency. We create your perfect project – both brownfield and greenfield.

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