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EV charging stations

Custom on-site EV charging, covering design, installation, and management for fleet sustainability.

Get ahead of sustainable mobility trends

At WDP, we’re committed to keeping our clients ahead of sustainability trends. Not just in real estate, but also when it comes to mobility. Our Green Mobility Hubs allow you to easily switch to electric cars and trucks. As your e‑mobility partner, we support you from the initial request right through to installation, maintenance and beyond. We’re driving to the future. Hop on!

An end-to-end solution

Want to start or accelerate your EV journey? WDP is your partner for the road, with straightforward and cost-effective solutions. Your risks remain limited, as we cover the full financial investment and the costs of non-usage. You can count on us during the entire process, from design, equipment selection and engineering to delivery, maintenance and operation. High-end customer service and asset management throughout the lifecycle of your EV charging infrastructure guarantee complete peace of mind.

Our service also includes making sure you have the necessary documentation, from electricity and floor plans to inspection certificates. And thanks to our CPO (charging point operator) partner, invoicing, payment and charging card management happen effortlessly.

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The right package for you

Every organisation is different. That’s why all WDP charging stations are tailor-made. We analyse your fleet and business needs, taking into account your current situation and long-term plans. We look at the car and/​or truck models you are using, the layout of your facility, and the technical characteristics of your electricity infrastructure.

You decide whether you want your charging service to be private or available to the public. You can manage your electricity contract yourself, or have us do it for you. Pricing is transparent at all times and you benefit from additional services such as branding and charging cards. Based on your needs, our experts select the right unit(s) and design the EV charging architecture that fits your business.

Ready for the future

We design EV systems that serve your business reliably over the long term. From the start, we make sure that the infrastructure is ready for your future needs. We also offer smart load balancing to protect your electrical installation and integrate the charging infrastructure with other sustainable energy systems, such as solar power. Everything for a solid start on the road to clean mobility. Along the way, we keep you up to speed on innovations that are relevant to your business.

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