Digital Campaign Manager

Breda - The NetherlandsFull time

Step into the world of logistics real estate and become the driving force behind our digital transformation! We’re not your average warehouses; our marketing strategy is as innovative as our services. To catapult our digital presence to new heights and cement our position as industry leaders, we need your creative genius. As a Digital Campaign Maestro, you’ll orchestrate groundbreaking campaigns, fuel sales, and showcase our state-of-the-art facilities. 

Picture yourself in our vibrant marketing squad, a tight-knit crew of 3 (2 based in Belgium, and 1 in Romania) – you will be based in Belgium or the Netherlands (depending of your country of residence). Together, we’re rewriting the rulebook and setting new standards in digital excellence. Ready to shake up the status quo? Join us and lead the charge!

Your mission:

  • Strategic Digital Mastery: Take the reins of our online empire, commanding Social Media, Google, SEO, and SEA with finesse to maximize visibility and engagement.
  • Campaign Crafting: Weave magic into our digital fabric by conceptualizing and executing captivating campaigns for our Website, Customer Portal MyWDP, and through strategic SEA initiatives.
  • Website Wizardry: Transform our digital storefront into a user-centric paradise, constantly evolving and enhancing the user experience.
  • Email Campaign Choreography: Conduct symphonies of conversion with compelling email campaigns in HubSpot, utilizing marketing automation to drive results.

Here’s your profile

  • Digital Dynamo: Fluent in the language of SEO enhancement and SEA campaign mastery, with a knack for deciphering Google Ads and Analytics dashboards.
  • Visibility Virtuoso: Cast spells of visibility on social media and search engines, ensuring our brand shines brightly in the digital cosmos.
  • Design Guru: Paint digital masterpieces with your layout wizardry, crafting visually stunning campaigns, emailings, and landing pages that captivate audiences.
  • Tool Proficiency: Master of the digital toolkit, wielding Photoshop, Craft CMS, and HubSpot with finesse. Bonus points for Figma expertise and AI tools.
  • Multilingual Marvel: Fluent in the trinity of English, French, and Dutch, enabling seamless communication across diverse markets.
  • Global Navigator: Navigate the seas of international business with previous experience in an international group, leveraging your insights to drive success.
  • Autonomous Collaborator: Dance gracefully between independence and teamwork, meeting deadlines with a smile and fostering positive collaboration.
  • Innovation Incarnate: Fearlessly champion fresh ideas, defending their brilliance with a relentless drive to elevate results and campaigns.
  • Brand Consistency Crusader: Dedicated to upholding the sanctity of brand consistency in an ever-evolving international landscape.

If you’re ready to unleash your digital prowess and shape the future of logistics real estate, this is your moment. Join our team of trailblazers and make your mark on the digital frontier. Apply now and let’s revolutionize together!

Here’s what we have to offer

Join us in a fast-paced, international business environment where you’ll be given the autonomy to excel. This full-time position comes with an open-ended contract and a competitive salary package complemented by a range of extra-legal benefits, such as a company car, iPhone, attractive bonus plan, insurance package, … Take advantage of ample opportunities for self-development through internal and external training programs. You’ll be warmly welcomed by a team of dynamic and high-achieving co-workers always ready to lend a hand. If you’re ready to make your mark in the world of digital marketing, apply today and be part of our journey at WDP!


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