Rik Vandenberghe

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Rik Vandenberghe has been the independent non-executive chair of the Board of Directors of WDP since April 2019. He holds a Commercial Engineering diploma from the Catholic University of Leuven.

In the period 2017 – 2021, he served as CEO of Besix Group, a leading multidisciplinary construction and real estate company operating in twenty-five countries across five continents, where he was instrumental in strengthening Besix Group’s multidisciplinary offering. Today, he is still executive director of Besix Group and assists management in an advisory capacity. Rik Vandenberghe started his career in the banking sector, working at ING for thirty years, where he held numerous leadership roles and, as CEO of ING Luxembourg and ING Belgium, enjoyed close working relationships with key actors in the real estate market and garnered extensive international experience. At ING Belgium, he headed the Real Estate & Development Financing department (1991−97), a department that also fell under his broader responsibilities until 2007. As CEO, he also formed part of the Risk Committee of ING Luxembourg (2007−13) and the Market Risk Committee of ING Belgium (2013−17).

His experience as the chairman of organisations, such as Febelfin, subsidiaries of the Besix Group, and ING, his knowledge of real estate, finance and the stock market, his entrepreneurial spirit as well as his eye for innovation, support the management of WDP and the further growth of the company.

Other active terms on 31 December 2023

Listed companies: –

Non-listed companies: Besix Group, T.P.F., New Vision, Next Day Capital Holding, Next Day Asset Management (chair), Next Day Investment Management (chair), Orientalis Next Day Smart Living (chair), High Five Next Day Smart Living (chair)