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Bringing biodiversity to WDP’s Industrial Parks

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A unique project for a greener future

WDP Romania has embarked on an extraordinary project in its largest industrial park, WDP Bucharest North (Stefanesti I). The company aims to recreate the beauty and benefits of a real forest by planting an impressive number of trees and bushes. With 3000 large trees, 600 large bushes, 4000 bushes, and 7000 smaller trees, WDP seeks to bring back biodiversity and reconnect with nature in these anthropized areas. Although the project is still in its early stages, the first signs of progress have already emerged. Green areas are sprouting with trees stretching towards the sky, providing shade to insect hotels and birdhouses.

Celebrating Biodiversity: A day at WDP Bucharest North

On May 23, 2023, WDP Romania organized an extraordinary event at WDP Bucharest North (Stefanesti) industrial park to celebrate biodiversity and the restoration of nature in industrial areas. This event was held in partnership with the I.G. Duca school as part of the Green School initiative. WDP invited a class of enthusiastic second graders to visit the park and become acquainted with the diverse trees that now inhabit the lush green areas.

The students were captivated by the engaging presentations from Brisk Gardening, a prominent local gardening company. They learned about different tree species, including where they grow, their lifespan, and the distinct characteristics of their leaves. To solidify their knowledge, the children even had the opportunity to identify trees successfully and mark them with vibrant ribbons. In addition, a landscape architect from Parcuri urbane explained the crucial concept of biodiversity to the students. Just before the delightful picnic lunch, a skilled cook enlightened the children about the importance of healthy food and cultivating healthy eating habits.

Exploring Sustainability: A glimpse into the Industrial Park

The second part of the visit provided the students with a unique perspective on sustainability and a healthy lifestyle within the industrial park. They had the privilege of peering into the regional workshop of one of our customers, Decathlon Romania, where a myriad of sports equipment undergoes repairs. The children witnessed the storage process for repaired bicycles before they are returned to the shops. They also observed how skis are skillfully sharpened and treated with wax to ensure optimal performance. In the main warehouse, the students marveled at the sight of silent robots diligently transporting massive pallets of goods. They even had the opportunity to learn how these remarkable robots navigate within the warehouse.

At the warehouse of our customer Freshful, the students witnessed the fascinating journey of online-ordered goods. The process commenced on automated belts before the items continued their voyage in minivans equipped with freezers. They also learned about the charging process for electric vans, which contribute to a more sustainable delivery system.

Fostering Environmental Awareness

WDP is thrilled to have spent a remarkable day with the children, imparting valuable knowledge about the importance of nature and biodiversity in an enjoyable and entertaining manner. The company extends heartfelt gratitude to its tenants, Decathlon Romania and Freshful by eMag, for their inspiring presentations and generous participation in this meaningful project. Additionally, WDP acknowledges the invaluable contribution of its partners at BauVertical for providing safety equipment to ensure the children’s well-being throughout the event.

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