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Cold store warehouses: Temperature-controlled distribution centre purpose-built

written by Norbert Padt
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How WDP’s experience in cold storage helps you go greener, more efficiently

Building an efficient cold storage warehouse presents unique challenges. Whether you want to store food, pharmaceuticals or other temperature-sensitive products, investing in an optimised, tailored cold storage warehouse is crucial to your operations and growth.

But which difficulties do you need to overcome, and which complications might you need to pay special attention to? WDP has excellent experience in the design and construction of temperature-controlled distribution centres. We have a keen eye for detail that ensures maximum efficiency in your storage and handling processes.

Overcoming the challenges of cold storage

First, let’s have a look at which challenges you need to address. A cold storage warehouse requires a tailored approach. It’s a unique environment to create and work in, with special needs in terms of management and maintenance.

WDP always teams up with the best minds in design, technology and architecture to create the most suitable cold storage environment for your logistics operations. At the same time, we make sure your operations enjoy a reliable technological backbone with the highest standards in sustainability.

Seven cold storage challenges – and how to overcome them

  1. Humidity
    Due to temperature differences inside the warehouse, moisture build-up is a severe challenge in creating temperature-controlled environments. Temperature changes may result in moisture which can, in turn, affect your stock and products. It could also present a dangerous workplace environment, with slippery floors.

    Find out how WDP tackled this challenge in The Greenery Project.
  2. Energy efficiency
    Creating cold storage, temperature-controlled zones – and maintaining the right temperature – require significant amounts of energy. Therefore, thorough insulation of the building and especially the chilled zones is crucial. WDP ensures the best insulation for every building, tailored to the specific purpose of the facility. Furthermore, by implementing intelligent solutions, like box-in-box constructions, we lower your energy costs significantly.
  3. Energy management
    Supporting your cold store operations with renewable energy such as solar power can go a long way in decreasing your energy costs. And by using our unique WDP Smart Energy tool, you can manage your energy consumption up to the smallest detail, with intelligent monitoring and comprehensive reports.
  4. The right technology for the job
    A cold environment tends to impact technology and the batteries that power them negatively. That’s why it’s crucial to integrate appropriate technology and equipment inside the cold storage zones. What’s more, specialised systems resistant to the ambient challenges of each warehouse zone need to be installed. That ensures optimum efficiency and a safe environment for your workers.
  5. Operational efficiency
    By designing your cold store environment from scratch, WDP can fully optimise your temperature-controlled warehouse. By minimising the cold area footprint, we can reduce the overall cost of constant cooling. We operate under a philosophy of high-density cold storage to optimise efficiency while using minimum space requirements. That way, we strike the perfect balance between smooth operations and energy efficiency.
  6. Temperature zones
    Frozen, cooled, ambient… Your temperature-controlled warehouse will require different temperature zones, which must be sustained to prevent compromising your products while in storage. WDP flawlessly creates suitable temperature zones based on your specific requirements. And by integrating systems to allow constant monitoring of each area, you stay on top of possible temperature changes.
  7. Industry standards
    Needless to say, your cold storage warehouse needs to live up to the industry standards in line with your operations. WDP creates the temperature-controlled warehouse that not only delivers the best processes but ensures compliance with all regulations as well.

WDP’s approach to cold store and temperature-controlled warehouses

Now, let’s take a closer look at how WDP helps you overcome those challenges and create the most efficient cold storage warehouse for your logistics strategy.

Take the beautiful distribution centre for The Greenery that we set up in Barendrecht (NL), for example, a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled warehouse for a trendsetter in the fresh food industry.

Partnering up with the best in the field

Together with our technical partners, we mapped out and analysed the challenges, opportunities and most suitable way of executing the project based on this ambitious company’s requirements. Then, we designed and created a cold storage facility that meets their needs up to the most minor detail in collaboration with the clients.

We considered every possible complication and built an extremely reliable distribution centre that’s surprisingly energy efficient and delivered nothing short of operational excellence.

Discover the full project

Want to catch the full story? Read up on our The Greenery project right here and discover how WDP can set up your temperature-controlled warehouse from A to Z.

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