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Efficient land use as a logistics driver

written by Norbert Padt
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Future logistics
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De Jong Packaging is an ambitious, worldwide player in the food, non-food, floriculture, e‑commerce, and AGF packaging industry. It’s a business with very strong local roots, expanding its activities in the same region it once was founded – a solid base for its operations, today and in the future. But how do you go about such an impressive expansion and growth when available land in the immediate vicinity is scarce? Well, by innovating vertically!

Quick growth, vertical ambitions

WDP realized a multi-layered distribution center that perfectly supports De Jong Packaging’s high ambitions and future strategy. The demand for corrugated cardboard packaging – driven by e‑commerce – is growing every day, and to meet the demand, De Jong Packaging wants to consolidate and expand its presence in the area.

So, here’s what will happen: the company will have access to over 85,000 m² of production, storage, and distribution space with offices spread out over 2 floors. Nothing special you say? Well, then take into account that the plot the project is built on is merely 56,000 m² large!

An answer to countless challenges

The ground floor production hall leads trucks towards the distribution hall (parking included!) on the first floor via an inclined road. In the newly built warehouse, all storage will be fully automated.

By developing innovatively, WDP offers the right answer to challenges such as skyrocketing land prices and ever scarcer logistics land. We lower the building’s footprint while optimizing storage and distribution capacity. Vertical innovation? Now that’s a concept for the future!

Discover our Brownfield approach

Want to give your brownfield industrial plot a new lease on life? WDP is your partner with all the knowhow for semi-industrial and logistic real estate.


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