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First column celebration of multimodal distribution centre covering approximately 150,000 m²

written by Norbert Padt
Published on:
Future logistics

WDP is adding a multi-tenant distribution centre covering approximately 150,000 m² to its multimodal location at North Sea Port in Ghent (the WDPort of Ghent). Retailers X2O Badkamers, Overstock Home and Overstock Garden have entered into a long-term lease engagement.

The trimodal character (water-rail-road) of this location in Ghent was crucial for the choice of location of the new WDP customers: the three originally Belgian retailers are fully committed to international growth and want to optimise their supply chain from here and expand it in an environmentally-friendly way thanks to the direct connection with the nearby container terminal at the Kluizendok. Transport on water significantly reduces the ecological footprint and keeps trucks away from busy roads.

On June 25, 2021 we celebrated the placement of the first column.

WDPort of Ghent: trimodality for an efficient and sustainable supply chain

The WDPort of Ghent is a strategic platform for logistics activities at the Kluizendok at North Sea Port in Ghent. Companies are able to optimise their activities and make them more sustainable by increasing the efficiency of their goods flow through a multimodal supply chain. The immediate proximity of the container terminal does indeed combine several means of transport which use the seaward water and inland waterways, road (E34, E17 and E40) and rail systems. The central location of North Sea Port – and Ghent in particular – in Western Europe, ensures that companies and their trading partners are able to serve the European hinterland optimally and efficiently. In other words, the Kluizendok is a multimodal node in Flanders with good connections to the Netherlands, France and Germany.

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