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SBTI confirms and supports WDP’s climate action plan

written by Norbert Padt
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Playing a pioneering role in the global fight against climate change and becoming fully climate-neutral by 2050 is WDP’s sky-high ambition. And we now know that our action plan is on the right track, as it has received the blessing of none other than the SBTI, or Science-Based Targets Initiative. This is an honourable recognition that shows our goals are achievable and only gives us more confidence in our environmentally conscious future.

What does the SBTI do precisely?

The Science-Based Targets Initiative believes that we urgently need to increase our commitment to the fight against climate change by 100%. That is why they support organisations that are drawing up ambitious climate measures to do better – in the very short term. They want to encourage companies to take the lead in the evolution towards a low-carbon economy.

Based on scientific parameters, the SBTI shows companies exactly by how much and how quickly they need to reduce their CO₂ emissions to avoid the worst effects of climate change. So we tested our action plan for climate neutrality with them and we got great news: our targets were found to be realistic.

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Fully climate-neutral by 2050

WDP aims to become fully climate-neutral throughout the entire value chain by 2050. We want to achieve this through a number of initiatives on renewable energy, reducing our CO₂ emissions, and integrating sustainability into our development, financing, and operations.

We review our environmental impact in 12 different areas: biodiversity, the use of land, materials, energy and water, water and soil pollution, the sustainability of buildings, light and noise management, air pollution, and lastly, waste production. So we want to go a step further by not only reviewing the entire design of our buildings, but also by focusing on positive biodiversity in and around our sites. Thanks to the scientific data from the SBTI, we can now officially confirm the feasibility of our goals.

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