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Sustainable construction project for Bunzl in Arnhem

written by Norbert Padt
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This year, Giesbers, developer and builder of integral housing solutions, will launch a major turnkey project commissioned by WDP: a brand-new 19,000-m² warehouse, with 2,300 m² of office space, in the business estate at Ijsseloord 2 in Arnhem. The design for the new building was done based on the activities of the future lessee, Bunzl Retail & Industry.

Distribution & customer experience centre

This brand-new building for Bunzl will serve as the regional warehouse for the distribution of packaging, disposables, and other consumables, both in the food and non-food retail sectors, as well as supply industries. The adjacent office space will be home to approximately 80 Bunzl employees. A customer experience centre will also be located here, where customers, suppliers, and other business partners will have the opportunity to create custom-made concepts.

Efficient and sustainable

The warehouse’s technology is completely harmonised with Bunzl’s activities to improve their operational efficiency, and thus their logistics flows, and to optimise their transport and operation costs. Moreover, the new building is equipped with modern technology that minimises energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This means it fully complies with Bunzl’s sustainability objectives.

IJsseloord 2: a strategic location

The location was also considered thoroughly. IJsseloord 2 is in Arnhem, close to the Velperbroekcircuit, the A12, and the German border. The Arnhem-Nijmegen region is even one of the most important logistical regions in the Netherlands thanks to its multimodal transport options. The green landscaping and the unique architecture of the business estate create a lovely, comfortable workplace.

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