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Sustainable warehouse for Kintetsu World Express

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Groundbreaking ceremony of the state-of-the-art warehouse and office facility for Kintetsu World Express at a prime location near the air platform at Schiphol.

We are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of a state-of-the-art warehouse and office facility for Kintetsu World Express (KWE) at a prime location near the air platform at Schiphol is officially underway!

This state-of-the-art facility, scheduled for completion in Q4 2024, combines environmental stewardship and operational excellence. This exciting development, marked by a memorable Start to Build” ceremony on Monday, May 13th, is designed with efficiency and sustainability.

1. Commitment to Sustainability

KWE’s new distribution centre at Schiphol Logistic Park sets a new standard for eco-friendly construction. Key sustainability features include:

  • Wooden Spans: These provide structural integrity and act as carbon sinks, effectively storing CO2 and reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases.
  • Xcarb™ Steel: This advanced material significantly cuts CO2 emissions during construction, contributing to a greener building process.
  • Solar Roof: The entire roof will be equipped with solar panels, which will generate renewable energy to power the facility.
  • BREEAM® Excellent Certification: Upon completion, the warehouse will boast this prestigious certification, underscoring its commitment to environmental excellence.

2. Timeline and Partnership

This project, scheduled for completion in Q4 2024, is a significant development at Schiphol Logistic Park. Kintetsu World Express (KWE), a leader in global freight forwarding, has signed a long-term lease for the new facility. Known for its expertise in air and ocean freight, customs brokerage, surface logistics, and distribution services (3PL), KWE’s involvement ensures top-tier operational efficiency and service quality.

3. Context and Redevelopment

The redevelopment journey for this project began in 2016:

  • Original Building Sale: Van Der Put sold the initial building to WDP, and operations were taken over by Kuehne + Nagel (KN), focusing on the global transport of perishables like fruits, vegetables, and flowers.
  • Sustainable Demolition: Partnering with demolition contractor Roseboom, WDP conducted a sustainable demolition process. Many materials were repurposed for other projects, such as the office floor being reused in a Rotterdam shopping centre and cold storage units being reassembled in Romania.

4. Innovative Design and Expanded Plot

The design and layout of this future-proof warehouse reflect modern efficiency and sustainability principles:

  • Expanded Plot: Thanks to a new leasehold contract with Schiphol, the plot for the warehouse has been expanded to 18,000m².
  • Warehouse Specs: The facility will cover 9,100m² with an additional 735m² dedicated to office space.
  • Design: Created by DENC in collaboration with WDP and partners, the design focuses on airfreight efficiency with large spans and minimal columns. It is also equipped to handle ULD systems for flight pallets and can manage temperaturecontrolled environments (GDP).

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