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WDP and Distrilog: strong together for 30 years

written by Norbert Padt
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The rock solid WDP and Distrilog partnership started back at the end of the previous century. The logistics company headquartered in Willebroek focuses on food, DIY, and chemical logistics. Over that long period, it expanded its activities and thus also its number of warehouses. Distrilog added one top location after another to its property portfolio thanks to its close collaboration with WDP.

Our collaboration goes way back. We first joined forces in the 1990s. At the time, we were based near Mechelen. As the company grew, the Mechelen space was no longer adequate. We started looking for an additional location, preferably one centrally located in Belgium. And thanks to WDP, we found it. They offered us a free-standing warehouse in Puurs. That deal started a success story we’re still writing.’

Philip Salaerts, Distrilog CEO

Searching together for ideal locations

Three decades later, Distrilog owns or leases ten times more than the two original sites.

Today, we offer our customers smart distribution, logistics services, and optimisation options from twenty sites across Belgium. All these sites are good for a total of 460,000 m² of warehouse space. And WDP manages about 70% of that.’

Although much has changed since the partnership began, Distrilog’s philosophy on real estate has remained the same. Location is paramount. Year after year, we see transport becoming more expensive,’ says Salaerts. To keep these costs down, we must store goods as closely as possible to our customers in a place that also has enough workers. So, the Antwerp-Brussels axis is at the top of our wish list. Of course, we’re not the only company that wants this. It’s extremely difficult finding somewhere in this location to build a new building. Fortunately, we have WDP to help us with that.’

WDP’s experts help us build according to the most sustainable standards.’

Philip Salaerts, CEO Distrilog

According to Salaerts, Distrilog also greatly values WDP in other areas: Once you find available land in a good location, a secondary key factor comes to the fore… sustainability. It may seem obvious, but low-carbon or carbon-neutral construction involves a lot of work. So, we’re really happy we can count on the experience and know-how of WDP for this. Their experts help us build according to the most sustainable standards, so our sites are ready for the future.’

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