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WDP ENERGY strives for renewable energy capacity of 250 MWp by 2025

written by Norbert Padt
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Next to developing and managing warehouses, WDP has launched a new service called WDPEnergy ENERGY. One of the goals is covering our warehouses in Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania with solar panels, supporting our ambition of a renewable energy capacity of 250 MWp throughout the entire property portfolio by 2025. In this way, we contribute to the decarbonisation and green energy consumption of our clients while also contributing to the EU’s climate ambitions.

Step-by-step approach

To help WDP become net-zero in our entire value chain, WDP has set a target of covering the roofs of more than 75 of our warehouses with solar panels to achieve a capacity of 250 MWp by 2025. That capacity is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 75,000 average households.

Local green energy production

For our clients, one of the key benefits provided by WDP ENERGY is the ability to consume locally generated, renewable energy at a competitive price. The recent developments in the energy market have highlighted the importance of a local energy production, making the expansion of our solar park more relevant than ever.

Helping everybody to make the switch

Increasing our local green energy production also enables WDP to (further) invest in other sustainability measures. Companies renting our warehouses will surely benefit from our newly implemented energy infrastructure, such as smart energy systems , EV charging infrastructure, heat pumps etc. Thus, WDP ENERGY anticipates the continued electrification of warehouses which involves an increased amount of automation and switching to electric transport including trucks.

A moment to celebrate

There is always a reason to celebrate! On March 10, 2023 we celebrated the placement of the last solar panel on the roof of CEVA in Heerlen (The Netherlands) — the size of 6 soccer fields — together with our partner Kieszon. This roof will generate a total of 7 MWp. 

CEVA in Heerlen is now more independent in terms of electricity consumption. The remainder of the energy produced is injected into the grid for Dutch households to use.

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