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WDP sponsors the biggest urban art festival in Romania

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Although only at its second edition, the Artown Festival has become one of the most famous urban art festivals in south-eastern Europe. WDP sponsored this remarkable event for the second time, and we are very happy to see how greatly it developed since last year. The event is organized in the city of Ploiesti, this year it took place between July 28-August 6, and gathered 120 artists from 16 countries, across 5 continents. Artists from Romania, Spain, Belarus, Belgium, Chile, Uruguay, Germany, Canada, among others, took part in the joint efforts of beautifying and bringing vibrancy to the city.

Art as a vehicle to transforming the city

The keyword for the 2023 edition of Artown Festival is Artivism”, permeating every category of the event: mural art, performances, and street art interventions. This year the theme of the mural art competition was collaboration: each artist chose a partner with whom to work together in creating something that channeled their internal truth, to allow the viewers to see, to hear, to experience their truth, to reflect on it and to get immersed into the beauty of the surrounding space. The mural art covers 3000 square meters of walls with incredible images, 37 artists worked on creating 19 murals

However, Artown is more than murals beautifying the city. Artown is transforming the entire town into an artistic experience: beside the monumental images blossoming on the grey blocks, at each step a new experience awaited the viewers. 50 street art interventions, realized by 25 artists/​artist crews, from 3 countries, took place. An open-air theatre performance, dj and live music in the Artown parc, workshops for young and old, jazz concerts, poetry readings, contemporary dance performance made this week a truly special, transformative experience for the artists and participants alike.

We are very proud to have contributed to this amazing experience, hopefully the photos will transmit the awesome vibe. 

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