#WeCare at WDP: Supporting our Local Communities

written by Norbert Padt
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WDP’s mission is clear: to create maximum value for our clients and stakeholders by developing high-achieving logistic real estate built to perform – and to last. It’s the pinnacle of what we do.

Behind that mission lies an ambitious vision of how we choose to achieve our goals. How do we implement a way of working that positively impacts our clients, our people, local communities, and the planet we leave to future generations?

Corporate citizenship: #WeMakeADifference, because #WeCare

Through our #WeMakeADifference initiatives, we aim to develop operations that benefit all possible stakeholders in a responsible, sustainable, and future-proof way. Our Corporate Citizenship strategy is built on three crucial pillars based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals: #WeCare, #WeAreConscious and #WeEducate.

Let’s look closer at our #WeCare commitment and discover how #TeamWDP brings it to life.

A positive impact with #WDPSummerChallenge

In recent years, we’ve launched many internal initiatives to raise money for good causes. There will be multiple activities this year, including our #WDPSummerChallenge. The main beneficiary of this initiative was the Belgian Food Bank. Let’s see how that worked – and what it delivered.

We know #TeamWDP is a sporty bunch. That’s why we challenged them to track their sports activities on Strava and share their results with us. They raised money by running, bicycling, swimming or walking. When a certain milestone was collectively achieved, WDP would reward them with an additional bonus donation to the Food Bank.

The numbers of #WeCare 2023 – until now

  • 42 coworkers participated
  • 7,435 kilometres achieved collectively
  • Good for a total donation of €6,828.96!

What’s Next for #WeCare

We can’t reveal all the coming activities and initiatives just yet. But we’re proud to announce that #TeamWDP will organise its annual Walk for Charity again. The proceeds of the initiative will go to the Food Bank. We’ll keep you updated on more #WeCare initiatives to come!

Why #WeCare: Positively Impacting Local Communities

How we develop our projects and operate in our communities shows #WeCare about our society. We support local projects and the most vulnerable groups with financial and material support. Our #TeamWDP launches initiatives to raise money and awareness for those in need, supporting meaningful projects nationwide.

WDP wants to be a reliable and trusted partner, not only for our clients and stakeholders but also for our local communities. We join forces with organisations and NGOs dedicated to improving the quality of life of children, the elderly, people in need, and people with disabilities.

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