An extra warehouse for furniture retailer XXXLutz

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XXXLutz, the world’s largest furniture retailer, has acquired a new warehouse thanks to WDP. This was necessary to achieve XXXL Group’s planned growth in Romania. From the WDP Park Bucharest – Dragomiresti, just along the Bucharest ring road, the furniture giant now serves its customers even faster.

Carefree move-in

We could immediately move into an existing warehouse that met all our technical requirements,” says Elena Miron, XXXLutz’s interior decorator. The high ceilings, the eight loading docks, out of which one dock for vans, are especially a big plus. Ideal for efficiently distributing our products, even in heavy traffic.”

WDP’s services

XXXLutz has long been a satisfied customer of WDP. In case of questions, they always react quickly,” Elena says from experience. Moreover, the retailer also enjoys extra security measures on the premises. For example, controlled access for couriers and a private fire brigade that guarantees fire safety. 

Wondering what this warehouse looks like? Check out the whole story in the video below.

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