Auchan’s built-to-suit warehouse in Romania offers numerous options

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Auchan, a prominent French retail company established in 1961, holds a substantial market presence in Romania. Operating from a central hub near Bucharest, Auchan efficiently distributes 50,000 products to 33 hypermarkets, 7 supermarkets, and 382 convenience stores through a consolidated distribution center managed by WDP, integrating five warehouses.

International retail company Auchan, which has been a fixture in France since 1961, also has a large market share in Romania. The heart of their operation sits just outside Bucharest. From there, Auchan does the distribution of as many as 50,000 products to 33 hypermarkets, 7 supermarkets and 382 convenience stores. For this purpose, as many as five warehouses were combined into one large distribution centre, built and managed by WDP.

A customised logistics warehouse

Dan Fotescu, Auchan’s logistics director in Romania, is very satisfied with how builder and landlord WDP responds to their specific needs. Not only is the maintenance of our warehouse going well,” he says. WDP also knows how to respond perfectly to our requests with tailor-made advice and support.”

Thanks to WDP’s customisation, Auchan can:

  • Control humidity levels in specific rooms
  • Set optimal temperatures everywhere
  • Dedicate spaces for specific products or suppliers as required
  • Count on the integrated protection and safety systems

Innovative construction partner

The cooperation is also strengthened by the constant innovation WDP offers to its tenant. WDP continues to innovate,” Dan concludes. Implementing solar panels on our roof supports our internal processes such as automation, but we also have other plans for the future with WDP in using solar power.”

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