Festive Start of Construction for WDP Prinsenhil Project in Breda

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On Friday, June 16, the construction works for the WDP Prinsenhil project in Breda officially started. 

This project marks an exciting milestone in sustainable and environmentally conscious construction. As the construction works officially commenced, the development promises to be more than just a conventional warehouse. With a focus on biodiversity and incorporating modern techniques, WDP aims to create a space that harmonizes with nature while meeting the needs of businesses.

With a land area exceeding 25,000 square meters, the Prinsenhil project will accommodate five companies. Known for their commitment to sustainability, WDP plans to build a warehouse that lives up to their reputation. The integration of renewable energy is a key aspect, as the warehouse will feature a roof covered in solar panels, ensuring a greener and more eco-friendly operation.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the WDP Prinsenhil project is the attention given to biodiversity. WDP has carefully selected subcontractors who share their vision. The involvement of Peter Couwenbergh, an architect from Convex Architecten, and Annelore De Cokere, a landscape architect from Stijlgroep, highlights the dedication to creating a space that goes beyond the standard industrial warehouse.

Traditionally, warehouses are often seen as gray boxes set on vast expanses of concrete. However, the WDP Prinsenhil project seeks to break this mold. The focus on restoring fauna and flora on the site sets it apart. The inclusion of approximately 26,000 shrubs, a hundred trees, water-permeable paths and parking areas, a detention basin for water recuperation, green facades and roofs, and ample shelter for native birds and bats showcases the commitment to creating a sustainable and biodiverse environment.

In addition to benefiting the local ecosystem, the WDP Prinsenhil project also aims to provide an enjoyable experience for people. A customized walking route around the warehouse will enable employees and visitors to connect with nature during their breaks or leisure time. This thoughtful approach to integrating nature into the design demonstrates the project’s commitment to promoting well-being and a harmonious relationship between humans and their surroundings.

The first phase of this project will be completed by April 2024.

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