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Frontaal Brewery moves into The Bay, WDP’s latest development in Breda

written by Norbert Padt
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The Bay: all the ingredients to brew outstanding business success.

Great and frothy news! The young and upcoming Frontaal Brewery will move its operations into WDP’s development in Breda: The Bay. With its excellent location, close to the city centre and main access roads, it’s the perfect spot for these ambitious brewers to grow and write out the next chapters of their rich story.

A unique design, in line with Frontaal Brewery’s craftsmanship

The company has settled into its new spot: a 7,650 m² large unit, beautifully designed through close collaboration with Frontaal Brewery, WDP, Burgland Real Estate and De Vries & Verburg building contractors.

WDP is set to deliver the newly built warehouse turnkey, in the second quarter of 2022. Frontaal Brewery is a home-grown Breda-based business, with unmatched drive and passion for its craft. Sustainability was key for these young entrepreneurs and WDP delivered without exception.

Nature-centric and sustainable development

The design of the new HQ was nature-conscious, with loads of attention to biodiversity, daylight entry, all-electric gasless climate control, solar panels, green façades and green rooftops. As expected, we also supplied ample charging stations for e‑bikes and electrical vehicles.

The Bay was designed to be future proof and sustainable, with walking trails, bird nests, bee hotels and multiple waterside picnic tables. The outside is just as impressive as the inside! Something the Frontaal Brewery crew liked very much.

Get to know Brouwerij Frontaal!

Frontaal Brewery is all set to write the next chapter of their inspiring story, creating craft beers that tantalize the taste buds and attract beer aficionados from around the country – and beyond. WDP’s very proud to play a leading role in this narrative, delivering to local entrepreneurs a base of operations that allows them to reach their full potential.

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