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Kivits Drunen: smart collaboration for maximum efficiency

written by Norbert Padt
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Logistics service provider, Kivits Drunen, is enjoying strong growth. This has already led to many new construction projects in the past decade, but it does not stop there. In collaboration with Willy Naessens Nederland, WDP is currently working hard on a new cold store and logistics centre for two sister companies in Ridderkerk. We like to work quickly and efficiently, with a permanent partner,” says director Rob van Opzeeland.

Kivits Drunen has already collaborated with the Willy Naessens construction company on other projects, and that is no coincidence.

We have very good experience working with each other and speak each other’s language. Buildings are very important to us. They must fit our business, and they must be long-lasting so we can use them for a long time. As such, a construction partner who understands our business is very important.”

Rob van Opzeeland, director of Kivits Drunen

Advanced logistics systems

The new cold store and logistics centre totalling more than 20,000 m2 will be used by sister companies, Kivits-Goes Handling and VGK Cool Logistics. There will be almost 3,000 m2 of office space, and some of Kivits Drunen’s customers are also moving in.

There will be a 30-metre mezzanine floor, this is where the packaging machines will be placed. It will be an interesting building, complete with various advanced logistics systems, a central company restaurant, and a gym.”

Rob van Opzeeland

Thinking smart together

Van Opzeeland believes that, in order to achieve an ideal result for the various parties, it is very important to look smartly at all wishes and objectives.

How do you construct a high-quality building within budget and with a short lead time? Take the example of our cold store. We have an optimal size in mind, Willy Naessens tries to make a suitable construction size, and the architect wants to create something beautiful. You have to see how all of that fits together from the beginning so it remains efficient for the construction.”

From wheelbarrow to delivery

The excellent relationship between architectural contractor, Willy Naessens, and owner, WDP, guarantees a smooth working method in terms of planning and realisation. Naessens takes care of the entire construction process, from A to Z, and mainly works with prefabricated concrete that is manufactured in-house, which provides enormous added value. The building will have a hybrid structure of concrete and steel, with walls of concrete panels and sandwich walls. The roof, on which solar panels will be placed, consists of hollow core plates and steel roof plates.

High technical level

With technical racks, pallet lifts, cold rooms, a freezer room and ambient zones of 8 °C, the technical level of the installations and the installation package is very high.

The complete package is combined in one building. This poses challenges for the construction team and our partners. But at the same time, it nicely shows how we can assist our customers with the design, providing smart solutions for all the technical requirements.”

Sebastian Coene, Project leader

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