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New gasless company for Berner Produkten in the Netherlands

written by Norbert Padt
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The Netherlands has always been progressive when it comes to energy consumption and entrepreneurship. By 2030 all buildings must be gas-free in order to reduce the strong emissions of CO2 and stop global warming. These new ecological regulations also changed a few things for Berner Produkten, an international company that planned the construction of a new warehouse in Kerkrade. The wholesaler decided to go all out for an environmentally friendly future and hired Warehouses De Pauw for the construction of the new gas-free logistics building.

Expert with passion in construction and automotive

Not everyone is familiar with Berner Produkten, so we would like to give a short introduction: Berner is a leading European wholesaler for professionals in the automotive and construction business. The gas-free warehouse in Kerkrade is the multinational’s only Dutch branch and has around 215 employees. Two other branches in the area are also controlled from Kerkrade, namely those in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Sustainable sense of responsibility wins

Be responsible’ is one of the core values within the Berner Group. So efficient energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions are of great importance to the company. It’s for this reason that the wholesaler started a study into the possibilities and advantages of gasless construction for the location in Kerkrade. The result soon became clear: not only was a gasless construction good for the environment, but also beneficial for the company. After all, gas consumption in the Netherlands is becoming more and more expensive and higher taxes are constantly being levied on fossil fuels. When drawing up the total cost of ownership, it became clear that Berner Produkten can maintain the return over a few years with a gas-free construction. And so, gasless was the way to go for Berner Produkten in Kerkrade!

Gasless and ready for the future

The Berner site in Kerkrade has been completed and is ready for a successful and sustainable future. The total surface area of​the property is approximately 25,000 m², divided as follows:

  • 1,600 m² of office space
  • 2,500 m² chemical warehouse
  • 20,900 m² logistics storage space

The building is heated completely gasless by electricity through both underfloor heating and heated air flows coming from heat pumps. In winter, it’s even possible to add an extra electrical unit that provides approximately 100kW more so that all temperature values​are guaranteed.

Of course, building without gas can only be successful if the building is also very well insulated. Berner Produkten therefore invested in high values​for glass and roof and, together with WDP, ensured that the building was as airtight as possible. This guarantees a constant temperature in the warehouse for both the summer and winter months.

The Berner Group is already very satisfied with the gas-free Dutch warehouse and is looking forward to a sustainable and productive future!

More information

Would you like to know more about building a gasless warehouse or are you looking for an experienced partner for a sustainable and gas-free future? 

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