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New warehouse for Rogue Fitness in Bornem: a powerful renovation with great results

written by Norbert Padt
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Rogue Fitness is a renowned producer of fitness and cardio equipment. They’re globally recognised for their quality products eagerly sought by professional gym owners and personal fitness enthusiasts. Today, their Bornem-based warehouse is the logistical hub for their European distribution activities.

Due to the covid-19 crisis and the subsequent rise of at-home sports, Rogue’s growth numbers went through the roof. 

The warehouse in Belgium became too small to service European clients quickly and thoroughly

Industrial and logistics expert Christophe Wuyts explains.

The company had to look for a bigger location.

A toned make-over, with impressive results

Rogue Fitness found its needed location in a vacant WDP warehouse, now renovated into a fully equipped, 10,000m² large distribution centre. Additionally, the company and WDP integrated 1,800m² of office space, combined with a showroom, shop, and, of course, a gym.

Rogue expected some extras

Christophe Wuyts explains.

There was a full rebranding of the warehouse, with the logo prominently on the façade and the entire building painted black. An additional showroom was provided for clients to test the fitness materials. That was equipped with a locker room, too.

WDP & Rogue, the perfect fit

The distribution centre was brought up to speed with today’s standards. 

The warehouse itself has been equipped with LED lighting throughout and the technical installations got a thorough upgrade

Christophe says.

We were fully unburdened during the whole transaction. WDP executed the entire project fast, swiftly, and in a transparent way, from requesting permits to construction works. We reached an agreement quickly, and the execution phase was completed without any hiccups.

In good shape for the future

WDP completed a customised warehouse for Rogue Fitness, preparing the company for its successful future. Their Bornem-based logistics centre now supports their European growth to the full and is equipped to anticipate every market movement in great shape.

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