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Status of Wehkamp distribution centre expansion in Zwolle

written by Norbert Padt
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WDP expands Wehkamp distribution centre in Zwolle (NL) by 30,000m²

On the 3rd of November 2022, WDP struck the first pile of Wehkamp’s distribution centre expansion in Zwolle. With an additional 30,000m² of warehousing space in the pipeline, this impressive logistics hub is set to reach 140,000m² of useable floor space once the works are completed. 

The best part? The sustainability features of the expansion are nothing less than impressive. Let’s see what we’ve achieved 11 weeks into construction!

Sustainable warehouse: Wehkamp is set for the future

First, let’s have a look at the technology turning this warehouse into a gem of sustainability and energy efficiency. 

  • 4,400 solar panels are being installed on the rooftops
  • Mostly solar-powered LED lighting across the building
  • Maximum daylight integration, limiting the use of artificial light to the full
  • Fully gasless heating system, with no fossil fuels involved

With this sustainability mix in place, Wehkamp’s operations are set to get a green boost for the future!

11 weeks into construction: what’s happening?

Now, let’s see where our construction teams are at after 11 weeks:

  • Last week, the façade cladding was completed.
  • 30% of the floors have been installed – super flat to support the fully automated distribution system.
  • Half of all mezzanine space has been completed.
  • All the dock levellers and docking doors have been installed.
  • Preparatory works for the windows are complete. The glass will be put in the frames in week 12.

Warehouse delivery is set for the end of April 2023, with everything perfectly on schedule. We’re proud to be a part of Wehkamp’s expansion strategy, with a warehouse fully supporting its operations and ambitions. 

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