Ultra-modern Mediq Fulfilment Centre in Bleiswijk

written by Norbert Padt
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A few months ago, Mediq, an international player in the medical devices market, moved into WDP’s brand new Fulfilment Centre in Bleiswijk. It’s not just any warehouse; it’s a Fulfilment Centre that has been specially designed for the medical devices sector and that, in addition to distribution, is also equipped with additional healthcare-related services and activities.

Not a distribution centre, but a Fulfilment Centre

WDP specially designed and built the Fulfilment Centre for Mediq with a depot, dispatch facilities, and several type-specific rooms. For instance, there is a storage room for sterile items and an industrial pharmacy with cold storage and secure access. There is also a room for cleaning and setting up home dialysis equipment or respiratory pumps, for example. In addition, impermeable, anti-static and acid-resistant floors have been installed everywhere, and the centre has been fitted with a powerful air filtering system to guarantee excellent air quality.

Innovation & Efficiency

As far as logistics solutions are concerned, the Fulfilment Centre has been equipped with a number of modern ICT systems. For example, a part of the 20,000 m² warehouse is equipped with Austrian company KNAPP’s mechanised order picking system and shuttle workstations. Employees and mechanisation are thus optimally deployed, which reduces the order production time and increases the reliability of deliveries. The result? The most efficient storage, stock management and transport possible.

Prisma Business Park

It’s no coincidence that the Fulfilment Centre is located in Bleiswijk. Located on the axis of the Randstad, the four largest cities in the Netherlands are easily accessible from Bleiswijk. WDP has experienced sustained interest in the Prisma Business Park due to the location’s excellence in terms of accessibility. It’s also why, barely two years after the purchase of the first 7 ha plot, WDP decided to build approximately 43,000 m² of new-build warehouses for Mediq, Total Exotics and Toolstation.

Curious to see how things are going at Mediq? Watch the video and take a peek at what’s behind these brand-new walls.


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