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Vertical innovation of 100,000 m² for De Jong Verpakking

written by Norbert Padt
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How to turn a production site of 50,000 m² into a multilayer warehouse of 100,000 m² with additional facilities such as 32 loading docks, fully automated storage with crane tracks and conveyor belts at the same location…

Client Passport: Introducing De Jongh Packaging

De Jong Packaging (part of Stora Enso) has been at the forefront of the packaging industry for years. They’re renowned for their industrial innovation and impressive growth path. For years, they’ve had their operational hub in the heart of De Lier, the Netherlands, firmly rooted in the local community.

Since its inception, this dynamic company has offered advanced packaging solutions to many sectors. Their journey has transformed them from a modest enterprise into a critical player in the packaging market.

With an original operational base covering 50,000 m², De Jong Packaging needed to adapt to the impact of its success. They needed to expand to keep pace with increasing demand to continue their operational growth. The need for expansion was not just a desire but a necessity to keep pace with the increasing demands and to continue providing top-notch services. The company’s growth and willingness to continue providing top-notch services called for a larger, more advanced facility. 

The Scope: The Expansion Challenge

Faced with the critical challenge of space constraint, De Jong Packaging was at a crossroads. Relocating to a larger site wasn’t an option since they wanted to maintain their connection to the local community. On top of that, relocating would come with complexities and disruptions. The business leadership understood the need for an innovative and efficient solution that would think outside the box. They searched for a partner who could support them in their journey forward. 

That’s precisely when they decided to call on WDP. Our reputation in groundbreaking logistic real estate solutions was critical to the collaboration. The task was as straightforward as it was challenging: significantly expanding the existing De Jong Packaging site and doubling its surface area. With this expansion, we wanted to enhance its functionality with modern facilities. 

Embark on this journey with De Jong Packaging in this insightful video

WDP Solution: A Multi-Layer Masterpiece

WDP developed a unique approach to match the client’s expectations and designed a revolutionary building layout to merge the demanded surface increase with future-forward operational abilities. Our experts conceptualised a multi-layer distribution centre, a rarity in industrial construction, right at the heart of De Jong Packaging’s current production site. This innovative design was a game-changer in many ways. It effectively doubled the available space from 50,000 m² to a staggering 100,000 m² without needing to relocate or claim any additional land surface. 

This new facility, spreading over 85,000 m² across two floors, is a marvel of modern engineering and thoughtful design. It contains 32 state-of-the-art loading docks and a highly advanced and fully automated storage system with crane tracks and conveyor belts. Today, De Jongh Packaging’s logistics hub is a multifunctional site combining production, storage, and distribution areas with state-of-the-art offices. It is the perfect blend of operational efficiency, groundbreaking technology and a future-forward workspace.

Gain deeper insights into WDP’s innovative approach in this interview.

Impact: A Paradigm Shift in Operations and Collaboration

The new multi-layered distribution centre marked a comprehensive upgrade in efficiency, technology and production capacity. The expansion enables the company to meet the growing demand for corrugated packaging – mainly fuelled by the exponential growth of the e‑commerce industry. 

The new automated building features also revolutionised De Jong Packaging’s operational impact. Due to streamlined processes, the company enhanced productivity and reduced manual labour. Increased production capacity has paved the way for product development and service delivery innovation.

What’s truly unique is that this project has set new standards for efficient land use. That’s a crucial consideration in today’s environmentally conscious industrial landscape. The multi-layer design of the distribution centre has maximised space utilisation, offering a blueprint for future constructions in space-limited scenarios.

Witness the transformative journey of De Jong Packaging with this status update.

Discover more insights in the video below

Conclusion: Pioneering a Future of Innovative Industrial Solutions

The entire project showcases how strategic partnerships drive industry innovation. This project goes beyond the traditional expansion narrative. WDP and De Jong Packaging have reimagined the possibilities and set new industrial construction and logistics solutions benchmarks.

This distribution hub is a new take on navigating the challenges of rapid growth and space constraints. WDP’s expertise in creating sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced real estate solutions has elevated De Jong Packaging’s operational capabilities and met all their requirements. 

Above all, this project demonstrates that challenges such as space scarcity and the need for technological advancement can be turned into opportunities for groundbreaking development with the right partner. WDP paved the way for future projects that require out-of-the-box thinking and innovative approaches to industrial real estate.

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