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WDP offers total solution for transport company VPD’s mobility strategy

written by Norbert Padt
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Transport company VPD has been betting on using electric vehicles for their last-mile delivery for years. Going green is in their DNA, but at the request of their biggest customer IKEA, they are happy to go one step further. By 2025, we want to be completely CO2 neutral,” says founder Dirk Van Peteghem. Investment in electric camionettes and trucks is already a big chunk of their budget. That’s precisely why it’s nice to be at the table with a partner who shares the same vision.”

WDP invests in this project with

  • Solar panels with an efficiency of 1.5 MWP
  • A battery with storage capacity of 800 kW
  • 17 charging points of 11 kW
  • 6 60 kW chargers
  • 2 hyperchargers of 150 kW for the trucks
  • 2 hyperchargers of 150 kW for public use

More than a real estate partner

WDP wants to offer a total solution. We already support our customers with real estate, but are happy to do the same in their mobility strategy” says Svetlana Nikolayonok, Business Developer Energy at WDP. 

Curious about this project? Then watch the full case in the video below.

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