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WDP redevelopment for CEVA Logistics

written by Norbert Padt
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CEVA Logistics redevelopment: Goodbye 60’s, hello future!

A Brownfield transformation for the books

In the 1960s, PTT (predecessor of KPN, TNT Logistics and now CEVA Logistics) built its offices and made them the home base of a large part of its employees. The spacious building has since served several purposes over the years, and was expanded several times. Today, it is one of WDP’s bold brownfield projects, in which we are creating new ambition for old buildings.

A redevelopment choice with emotional impact

With an eye to the future, CEVA Logistics decided it was time to start a new chapter. Renovating the old construction – which wasn’t equipped to today’s standards – would have been extremely time-consuming and expensive. Instead, they decided to take the leap: out with the old, in with the new. 

Some of CEVA Logistics’ employees had worked in the old offices and warehouses for decades. Needless to say, the decision was an emotional event for many of them. Owing to our trusted and long-standing relationship with CEVA Logistics, which has rented the current grounds from WDP for years, we were called in to develop the brand-new CEVA Logistics head offices.

Getting ready for a new chapter: a redevelopment challenge to say the least!

Preparing the site for the new construction required a lot of effort. There were many old utility lines and even a wind turbine on the plot. Rerouting all these technical lines was an immense operation.

However, preparing the project land was not the obstacle on the way to a new warehouse: the preparatory process with neighbors, authorities and municipality was equally crucial. 

Getting everyone on board with the redeverlopment project

But preparing the construction site wasn’t the only challenge in the way of building a new warehouse: the preparatory journey involving neighbours, municipalities and government bodies was just as crucial. 

WDP collaborated with all the stakeholders. A lot of effort went into optimizing traffic flows around the site and integrating the concerns of surrounding neighbours. We organized neighbourhood meetings and information sessions about the project, applied for all the necessary permits, carefully considered the position of lamp posts and commercial banners in the design…

In short, #TeamWDP went above and beyond to achieve the necessary consensus so that the project could be a success.

The finishing touches in close collaboration with CEVA Logistics

Even today, WDP is still in close contact with CEVA Logistics to finalize the last details. Together with an office architect, we are designing the future offices in a way that guarantees social distancing when necessary, with an eye to possible future health crises. But there’s more: as employees used to have their own cubicles, evolving towards open-plan offices wasn’t easy for everyone. The employees’ ideas and criticisms were integrated as closely as possible in the designs.

Building with an eye to the future

From a sustainability point of view, many techniques have been applied to the building to ensure the warehouse and offices are future-proof. From gasless offices to solar panels, electrical charging docks for cars and bicycles and a plan to maximize water infiltration, the future CEVA Logistics distribution centre will have a lot to offer.

Once the project is fully completed, CEVA Logistics will enjoy more warehousing space, state-of-the-art offices and modern facilities for their activities.

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