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WDP tackles the concept of boxification’ with Prinsenhil Logistics Park in Breda

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A fresh approach to logistics real estate

In a world where fast and efficient logistics is crucial, landscapes are increasingly at risk of being overwhelmed by large, gray warehouses. Fortunately, there are pioneers who believe that logistics real estate can be more than just impersonal and monotonous boxes. One of these forward-thinking entities is WDP, a leading real estate developer partnering with Convex Architecten to launch the Prinsenhil project in Breda.

A friendly building with a focus on biodiversity

The core principle behind the Prinsenhil project is to depart from the traditional notion of a straight, gray warehouse box. Instead, they aim to create a friendly building that seamlessly blends into the natural surroundings while considering biodiversity. Peter Couwenbergh of Convex Architecten stresses the importance of a design with more plasticity, allowing the building to harmoniously merge with the surrounding nature.

The results are promising:

  1. Lowered front
    The design of Prinsenhil features a lowered front, reducing the building’s visual mass and enhancing its integration into the landscape, resulting in a friendlier and more inviting appearance.
  2. Rounded corners
    Replacing the sharp corners of typical warehouses, Prinsenhil incorporates rounded corners, giving the building a softer look and enhancing its visual appeal.
  3. Green facades and roofs
    One of the standout features of Prinsenhil Logistics Park is the implementation of green facades and roofs. Not only do they ensure a seamless transition with the surrounding nature, but they also contribute to increasing biodiversity, making the building a positive addition to the local ecosystem.
  4. Earth tones replace gray
    Rather than the usual dull gray color palette, Prinsenhil opts for earth tones, further strengthening the connection with nature and adding visual allure to the building.

A better working environment

The Prinsenhil project is not solely focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing logistics center. It also considers the people who will be working there. By allowing ample natural light into the offices and production halls, employees enjoy a pleasant working environment and a stunning view of the greenery surrounding the building, promoting well-being and productivity.

A promising future for logistics real estate

The Prinsenhil project in Breda serves as a shining example of how logistics real estate can transcend the concept of boxification.’ By focusing on aesthetics, biodiversity, and the well-being of employees, WDP demonstrates that warehouses can be functional while making a positive impact on their surroundings.

Excited to see how this innovative project turns out? Take a sneak peek through the video and be inspired by the future of logistics real estate.

With Prinsenhil Logistics Park, WDP takes a significant step towards sustainable and people-centric logistics buildings. Let’s hope this project inspires others to undertake similar initiatives, paving the way for more responsible and harmonious development of logistics real estate in the Netherlands and beyond.

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