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WDP will build Brand Masters’ new distribution centre and offices

written by Norbert Padt
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WDP will build Brand Masters’ new distribution centre and offices. The facility will be located in Steenen Hoofd in Breda, the first part of the DC The Bay development. The site is situated near the A16, with swift connections to the A27 and A59 highways, ensuring a smooth connection to Brand Master’s main office in Oosterhout. Upon delivery, the newly built warehouse facility will be 48,000 m² in size, 23,500 m² of which have been assigned to Brand Masters through a long-term lease. For this project, WDP worked in close collaboration with Brugland Real Estate and construction company De Vries & Verburg.

WDP will deliver this newly built turnkey facility in the first quarter of 2022. Investments in the whole development amount to about €45 million in total. 

Brand Masters was my first client and my first project at WDP, and it was a pleasure working together throughout”, 

says Martijn Sleutjes at WDP.

In mid-2019, it became clear that the facility which was built for Brand Masters in Oosterhout in 2016 wasn’t equipped to support the company’s strong growth. As there were no suitable building plots in the area, we decided to migrate to our new DC The Bay project.”

Sustainability and a future-proof work environment are key components of this development. The building boasts abundant daylight, an all-electric and gas-free air conditioning system, solar panels, and green roofs and facades. There will be plenty of charging points for electric vehicles, and the site lay-out includes many green areas with walking paths and waterside picknick tables.”

As Brand Masters, we’re delighted to take another leap in our development and growth, together with WDP. Brand Masters is rapidly evolving both in the Netherlands and internationally. Our approach and the opportunities we create in non-food retail in the European market are equally appreciated, and we strive to perfect our services every day. With this new, sustainable warehouse, we’ll be even better equipped to efficiently handle the growing distribution volumes and improve our level of service. At the same time, it’s a significant step towards creating a sustainable supply chain.”

Paul Broersen, Brand Masters’ CEO
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Our collaboration with WDP has always been productive and amicable, so when we decided to expand our logistics activities, we immediately turned to them. This warehouse development fits Brand Masters’ strategy on many levels. The location offers all the assets we need to support our impressive growth, while also supporting our ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) commitments. We want to advance sustainability across all levels of our company, which makes The Bay a perfect match for us, with its gas-free heating and extensive green energy supply, as well as its worker-friendly environment with abundant daylight and green surroundings.”

Mariëlle De Vries, Brand Masters’ Operations Director

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