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Best practices: growing logistics operations with limited land use.

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Future logisticsSustainable growth
Multi-layer warehouses

Using the available surface area more intelligently

What are the emerging trends? How can the existing warehouses be used even more efficiently? How do logistics companies tackle this problem in these tough economic times? We put together a team of experts and went in search of answers. We compiled them in our trend report Growing logistics operations with limited land use’

What does this trend report contain?

  • How to make optimum use of existing warehouses? We put the spotlight on Wehkamp and Brocacef.
  • Vertical warehousing, robotisation and advanced transport and shuttle systems are potential solutions. René de Koster, professor Logistics and Operations Management at Rotterdam’s Erasmus University, shares his views on the subject and elaborates extensively on sustainability.
  • Tips to organise warehouses more efficiently.
  • How do new-build warehouses optimise the available space? We take a closer look at the brand-new warehouses of Barry Callebaut and De Jong Verpakking.
  • Robotisation and warehouse automation pioneers Stow Group and Logflow share their findings.

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