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Food Logistics: 4 trends that are reshaping the chain

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Future logistics
Food & Beverages

What does the trend report offer you?

What will happen in the world of food logistics in 2022? Which developments, trends and innovations are currently having the greatest impact on the sector, and how can we prepare for what the near future will bring? Together with a panel of experts from the food logistics sector, we went in search of answers.

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Which topics did we cover?

We made an analysis of the current challenges and opportunities in the food logistics sector based on these trends:

Trend #1

Food safety above all

Trend #2

The cold chain is gaining momentum

Trend #3 

When the home delivery bomb exploded

Trend #4

Anything for the algorithm

Who are the experts?

  • Wilco Jansen, Head of Internal and External Communication at Sligro
  • Wiljan Daris, Purchasing & Commercial Manager at The Greenery
  • Tom Malfroid, Collect & Supply Chain Manager at Colruyt Group
  • Jos Mierman, Business Partner — Cold Chain Intelligence at Ethecio
  • Jonathan Weber, CEO of Urbantz
  • Franck Toussaint, Managing Director at BioLog Europe
  • Steven Van Belleghem, expert in digital marketing, technology, and customer experience

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