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Space design

Full-service approach for smartly designed workplaces.

Set your brand apart

A smartly designed logistics site sets your brand apart from your competitors. Your spaces should form the foundation of a unique warehouse experience and a workplace that stimulates well-being and gives you a head start in the war for talent.

Optimise spaces and brand them in line with your company’s identity to provide a unique visitor experience. Even your parking area can be designed to increase user comfort and familiarity. Why not turn it into a welcoming gateway to your business?

With the help of WDP, every space on your site — indoors and outdoors — will have a positive impact.

Reception & offices

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Welcome your employees and visitors in style and make for a friendly and professional warehouse experience. Great reception and office areas combine efficiency with a dash of originality. Let these spaces set your company apart. Our team helps you achieve the perfect balance between productivity-boosting floor plans and furnishing, and compelling brand-identity markers.


Upgrade your warehouse’s interior layout and design to deliver maximum satisfaction for all users and to optimise operational efficiency. Use it as a communications channel to get all the right messages to your talent, with complete clarity when it comes to safety instructions and information. WDP helps you to create a warehouse environment that merges results, team spirit and a compelling business identity.

Parking area

Does your parking area merely lead users to their destination safely ? Or is it the pathway to your internal warehouse experience, providing users with a taste of what your brand has to offer? WDP helps you successfully blend user-friendliness and safety with your brand’s identity, for the best user journey.

Ready to give your spaces a smarter design? Get in touch.

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