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Bicycle storage

Convenience meets green mobility.

Secure and user-friendly cycling facilities

Cycling to work has gained immense popularity, and with good reason. Cycling improves your employees’ physical and mental health and boosts productivity. No wonder countless companies provide e‑bikes and speed pedelecs as a benefit to their workforce. In the war for talent, enabling alternative means of green mobility has become an important asset.

Where to store these bicycles, e‑bikes and speed pedelecs on your logistics site? Leave that to WDP. We create secure, sustainable and user-friendly facilities for cyclists. What’s more, we design these bike shelters to meet BREEAM requirements for your buildings. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.

Bicycle storage and BREEAM

BREEAM certification requirements focus on secure, comfortable and accessible facilities for cyclists. The aim is to encourage your employees and visitors to come to your site by bike.

Your employees are more likely to use their bicycles to come to work if they can store them in a dry, well-lit, and convenient environment. Go a step further and integrate additional facilities to improve cyclists’ experience, like changing rooms and showers, or lockers to store their gear.

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BREEAM requirements

The number of bicycle spaces or facilities depends on the number of users at your site. WDP will design your bike storage facilities to comply with BREEAM requirements. You can be sure that we consider every detail, from a convenient location with direct visibility from the building to adequate lighting for better safety. And whether bikes are stored indoors or outdoors, we provide the right signage to guide users to and from the bicycle storage location.

There are multiple BREEAM credits to be earned in terms of bicycle storage. For example, you earn an additional credit if you provide showers and changing areas with lockers. Rest assured, our team guides you through all the details.


Ready to invest in productivity-boosting, BREEAM compliant bicycle facilities? Get in touch.