Parking design

Parking design

Smooth traffic flows and maximum safety.

Maximise parking comfort

Intelligent traffic flows around your distribution centre are vital for smooth logistics operations. Welcome your visitors and employees, guide suppliers towards their destination and maximise driver safety with cleverly designed parking plans and on-site signage.

No need to feel daunted by this task. WDP’s experts prepare your parking area for safe and efficient traffic flows with all necessary signage, safety measures, and supporting landscaping elements. We make parking a breeze.

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Customised design

To deliver a design that fully matches your needs, our experts identify the purposes of your parking area. Depending on your specific requirements, they draft the layout that best serves your objectives.

The next step is to determine the number of car, truck and bicycle spaces needed, the space currently available and accessibility requirements. If your parking area serves additional functions, we will advise on the optimum use.

Finally, creating a logical traffic flow is crucial for a safe and efficient parking area. Our experts include the right traffic signage, asphalt markings and parking barriers in their design.

The best design is the simplest one that works — Albert Einstein

Clear guidance

Signs, barriers and markers help create boundaries to define your parking lot layout. After your visitors, employees or suppliers have parked their vehicle, our clear signage guides them along the optimal route to their destination.

And it doesn’t end there. To finish off your parking area, our experts can integrate a landscaping design for a compelling visual effect. All landscaping is designed to support your traffic flows and never compromises visibility.

Want to stand out with your parking lot? Contact us.