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Prinsenhil Logistics Park (2nd phase)

Breda is the center of the West Brabant region and is strategically located between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, but also directly between the airports of Schiphol and Brussels. This business-oriented city has a population of 170,000 with many students and is known for its hospitality, well-educated employees and vibrant community.

Whether you are active in retail, logistics, industry or business services, Breda is in any case an excellent choice to establish your business.

This site is veryaccessible. The city center and the Breda ring highway are within easy reach, just a short distance away. Your suppliers and providers can swiftly locate you via the nearby A16, A59, and A27 highways.

If your employees rely on public transportation, there’s no need to worry. Breda’s Central Train Station is a mere 2.5 kilometers away. This station offers rapid access to the Dutch high-speed railway network, which links major cities and airports like Amsterdam and Brussels. Additionally, the city of Breda has pioneered innovative public transportation solutions that you can fully utilize.

These last two available business units in our DC Prinsenhil’s second phase boast a prime location with high visibility. Your company’s logo can be prominently displayed, catching the attention of passersby on the major roads Moerlaken and Konijnenberg. With convenient access points from the quieter Prinsenhil and Eikdonk roads, this location is easily accessible to traffic.

This eco-friendly business location offers a range of opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and wholesale businesses. It features a state-of-the-art building designed for multiple companies, set in a green environment with ample space for rainwater infiltration, heat adaptation, and biodiversity. Employees and customers can enjoy walking through the beautiful park surrounding DC Prinsenhil. The park will also include picnic tables and sports facilities, enhancing the health and vitality of employees.

This sustainable, future-proof and green way of working is the starting point of DC Prinsenhil. Our high-quality construction materials contribute to this circular, sustainable concept. Various green facades and roofs will be provided, as well as electric charging points for cars as well as for bicycles and scooters in the covered and closed bicycle sheds. LED lighting with motion sensors and daylight control are provided as standard.

Rentable Units2

Units are packaged combinations of the building parts


Prinsenhil 1 , 4825 AX Breda, Netherlands
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Infrastructure & surrounding area

  • Highways
    A16, A59 and A27
  • Airport
    Schiphol / Brussel
  • Harbour
    Rotterdam / Antwerp
  • Container Terminal
  • Railway
    Breda Central — 2km