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48 warehouses awarded the EDGE sustainability certification!

written by Norbert Padt
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Building smarter for a greener future.

WDP is making good on the promises laid out in our ESG strategy for the years to come. Our goal is to proactively reduce the carbon footprint of our portfolio and improve tenant experience at the same time. We’re committed to building smarter, playing a vital role in creating a more sustainable and greener future for logistics real estate.

The fruits of a sustainable strategy

We’re extremely proud to announce that no fewer than 48 of WDP’s warehouses in Romania have now achieved EDGE certification. This hallmark of sustainable construction requires a reduction in energy usage, water usage and the embodied energy of the materials used by at least 20 percent.

EDGE was created by the IFC, part of the World Bank, in order to allow owners, tenants and developers to affordably and swiftly create and operate green buildings. WDP applied the EDGE requirements to 48 warehouses in our Romanian portfolio, ranging from smaller buildings to large distribution centres up to 60,000m in size!

From finance to delivery: always aiming for green

This outcome was in part made possible by the WDP Green Finance Framework. This framework facilitates Green Bonds, Green Private Placements and Green Loans conditional on concrete energy-friendly measures.

In 2020, WDP and IFC signed off on a joint 205-million-euro package for exclusively EDGE-certified logistics development. This approach has made sustainability a priority right from the financing stage of our Romanian projects.

Improving client experience and taking care of the planet

By achieving EDGE certification for our Romanian buildings, we create a win-win for planet and people. Our clients benefit from reduced utility costs, and it supports their social responsibility image and commitments.

WDP wants to bring the value of resource-efficient warehouses to its clients. With EDGE, we implement international best practices in our Romanian developments, showing our commitment through an internationally recognized green building certification scheme.

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