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MyWDP goes mobile

written by Norbert Padt
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Big news: WDP takes another step in its never-ending journey towards the ultimate client experience. Our MyWDP app is set for launch, and provides our clients mobile access to our fully digital client portal on their smartphone. 

Creating customer value through innovation, that’s what WDP is all about.

Clients can already tap into valuable insights on their warehouses, consult crucial statistics, and maintain an overview of all their assets through the MyWDP desktop portal. Today, we bring MyWDP’s clear-cut, crisp and intuitive design to mobile as well.

The app will be available through the App Store and Google Play Store. It’s yet another way of making our clients’ lives easier, and putting them in full control of their warehouses – anytime, anywhere. 

MyWDP app: Building management at your fingertips

The new MyWDP app simplifies building management to the full. Features include:

  • On the spot ticket creation for any building in portfolio.
  • Consulting open tickets with just one swipe.
  • Direct communication with assigned WDP Project Managers.
  • Finding tickets quickly and easily, with a handy search filter.

In the near future, additional functionalities will be integrated into the app.

A new chapter of customer convenience 

By launching this app, WDP makes good on its promise to create customer value through innovation. It’s a new, mobile chapter of customer convenience.

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