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Prinsenhil: Outdoor Design with a Focus on People and Nature

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In the bustling city of Breda, Netherlands, an extraordinary project is about to be realized — Prinsenhil Logistics Park.

A new approach to business parks

What makes this project stand out is its daring vision to not only provide a home for five companies but also to put nature back at the heart of the outdoor design. WDP, a leading real estate company, has joined forces with the landscape architecture firm, STIJLGROEP, to bring this ambitious mission to life.

A new direction for outdoor design

Traditionally, business parks are often associated with gray concrete boxes dominating vast paved areas. Prinsenhil breaks away from this conventional approach and takes a bold stance. The goal is not just to create a functional space for business activities but also to restore harmony between humans and nature.

Annelore De Cokere, the landscape architect involved in this project, shares her enthusiasm: WDP is actually the first client to ask us to do things completely differently.” This provides an inspiring example of how companies can contribute to a more sustainable future by integrating nature into their designs.

Back to nature: Abundance of biodiversity

The result of the collaboration between WDP and STIJLGROEP is a design that seamlessly integrates the building’s round architectural theme into the landscape. The site will be planted with around a hundred native trees and thousands of shrubs, creating a welcoming refuge for local flora and fauna.

Additionally, innovative features are incorporated to prevent drought during hot periods. A wadi and water-permeable paths and driveways help infiltrate water into the ground, making the area less susceptible to dry spells. This not only benefits the natural environment but also contributes to reducing rainwater runoff.

A home for birds and bats

In Prinsenhil, consideration is not only given to the needs of people but also to those of animals. Natural shelters are provided to offer birds and bats a safe place. This demonstrates that business development and nature conservation can go hand in hand.

An oasis for employees

Prinsenhil is not just about creating a harmonious environment for nature; it also focuses on the well-being of the employees who will work in the warehouse. A walking path with benches and picnic tables will be constructed around the building, providing employees with a pleasant space to relax during their lunch breaks and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Discover the future of business parks

Prinsenhil Logistics Park project shows the way to a future where business parks are no longer hostile environments for humans and nature but instead become sources of biodiversity and well-being. The symbiosis between humans and nature pursued here should serve as inspiration for other real estate developers and companies worldwide.

Curious about how the project will look? Take a preview by watching the video below.

Together, we can have a positive impact on our environment and ensure a sustainable future for both humans and nature. Prinsenhil Logistics Park is a vibrant example of how innovation and respect for nature can go hand in hand. Let us hope that this project will inspire others to undertake similar initiatives and pave the way for a greener and healthier world.

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