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Sustainability at the heart of new Delhaize Valley

written by Norbert Padt
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Delhaize’s logistics activities in Kobbegem are in good company, now that all of the supermarket chain’s support services have taken up residence on the Kobbegem business site. Together, they form Delhaize Valley, a hub where sustainability and efficiency are keywords.

It was just a year ago, in October 2019, when De Persgroep’s editorial teams left Kobbegem and moved to the new main building of DPG in Antwerp. WDP had the opportunity to buy the building in Kobbegem, thoroughly renovating it.

The Delhaize supermarket group, which has been running its logistics activities from Kobbegem for some time, saw an opportunity to bring together various support services on the site. One year later, the transformation of the building is complete and Delhaize proudly presents Delhaize Valley.

Different opportunities

Merging different departments in Delhaize Valley provides the supermarket chain with various opportunities. On the one hand, it will increase efficiency within the company, as 3,500 people will henceforth be working in the same place. On the other hand, this is an excellent opportunity to shift things up a gear in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. 

The building was almost completely gutted during the renovation,” 

says Koen Baele of WDP.

Huge efforts were made to minimise the ecological footprint.”


The building, which dates back to 1992, aims to become 100% CO2-neutral using green energy. That means no more fossil fuels, such as natural gas or diesel, but economical HVAC heat pumps that are controlled according to the actual use of the rooms. 

The HVAC system only heats rooms where work is actually carried out, which saves an enormous amount of energy. What’s more, it ensures clean air in the building,” 

Baele explains.

Plus, LED lighting will be everywhere in the new building, which will also contribute to an ecological footprint that is several times smaller than before.”

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Delhaize Valley opened in Kobbegem at the beginning of October 2020. The completion of this prestigious project means that many support services of the Delhaize supermarket chain are now gathered under one roof.

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